STREET Creep®, Incorporated has provided the product and installation for residents in Missouri and Illinois. Most residents that secured our services have damage to their homes as a result of street creep.  The signs of street creep were identified in these locations, however, the damage has already occurred. This damage inherently depreciated the value of the homes. Our goal is to identify the signs and locations prior to damage and preserve the integrity of the homes everywhere.

STREET Creep®, Incorporated has listed the signs contributive to street creep on residential streets, driveways and homes.

The signs are as follows:

  1. The street saw-cut or grooved control joints have shifted sporadically
  2. Elongated gaps in joints on the street.
  3. Faulting or sinking of driveway at the street back of curb.
  4. Compressed or non-existent expansion material at the curb and garage slabs.
  5. Earthen berm or gap along back of curb from street migration.
  6. Cracks in front foundation wall.
  7. Gaps between the front foundation wall and garage slab at garage door.
  8. Leaning back foundation wall.
  9. Cracked and unraveled mortar and brick on veneer.
  10. Cracked side and rear foundation walls.

Our company has been monitoring and evaluating street creep in the mid-west for approximately five years.  Do not hesitate to set up an appointment with STREET Creep®,Incorporated to assist with identifying the signs and protecting your residents from street creep.