We are looking to buy a house that has potential streetcreep. The homeowner brought the price down $35,000. Is there any reason we should stay clear of the house? Our inspector told us there may be water problems. Please let me know what your thoughts on this are. Thank You.

This is a perfect example of a homeowner losing $35,000 of equity and value due to the damages caused by streetcreep.  Homeowners, due to the current economy and market, you must take the extra steps necessary to protect your homes from any problems which may result in reduction of equity in your homes. Also, water problems may be a result from streetcreep. As we all know a cracked foundation (basement wall) can result in a wet basement.

Is there anything that I can do about this problem?  Is there any type of attorney that would handle a case like this?  My warranty company is refusing to pay for the repair.

Yes there is something that can be done about the streetcreep problem at your home.  The first step is educating yourself about the causes and effects of streetcreep by visiting this site.  The second step is to set up an onsite inspection of your home.  The third step is to set up an installation agreement with STREET Creep®, Incorporated.  There have been several attempted lawsuits by homeowners, however, STREET Creep®, Incorporated is unaware of any settlements in favor of the homeowner.  Home warranty companies are all similar in nature and have 4 or 5 broad exclusions written that indemnify themselves from any coverage of the destructive forces of  street creep. 

Our home is 3 years old & the builder is having the company that built the streets cut our driveway up.  The first time, they were guessing. Our garage foundation & basement are cracking & one whole section above a crack is beginning to move inward in the basement.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Yes, there are preventative measures that can be done to eliminate the current risk of further damage to your foundation.  However, after your foundation is damaged you will need to repair or replace your foundation.  Only replacing your foundation will eliminate the cracks.  STREETCreep®, Incorporated can prevent any further damage to your foundation as a result of your driveway being heaved into your foundation by the street.  The purpose of STREET Creep®,Incorporated is to identify to the public the need for preventative maintenance measures prior to the destructive forces of streetcreep and to provide an economical solution to the public before any damages occur.  We truly empathize with the homeowner for the damages that have already occurred to your home.